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Ceiling Level on 4Story Cloak

Will give you about your role under the 4Story cloak, cloak: Priest staff, or rod and books. Call, call them to where the goddess or demon. 50k = projects to kill a color choice of blue, red, orange, green, black, purple. Kill 100 000 = color selection and provides a model project. For example, the grid, zigzag, side to the other sideline, the cross, a heart, a message that creative feet. 10 km long shawls killed = to your knee, ankle (below the short angle). 2 idea. 25K-type = type shawl * kill each category have the same color with a cloak (white) weapons(4Story Gold). Samurai sword and shield options, or 2handed, or surgery. 1k units supplier kill = tattered cloak. 5K to kill = short cloak * come to your waist. Archer, double sword, or bow, or xbow. assasin - katars, or daggers. Wizard staff, or rod and books (Wizards get access to Rod and Staff books than priet or vise Virsa).

This will probably make fun (4 story gold)of those who make Tsuen Wan (hopefully an active member of siege warfare). If there is not no fun fugels a fight, if there is no one to play craxions and is expected to remain low lvls to kill or killing people 15 lvls lower fine high lvls.

Just some ideas, think of the scene. If you really think that you will have lost a big one, used to exit the chuck. Please consider concideration this. This is a pleasant surprise. No threat of death. Treatment - 62 priests, princes treatment - LVL 50 Wizard SeMpJr - LVL 51 Archer, Member ElderGods, and proud of 4story gold.


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