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HellGate: London Interview

Hellgate: London Interview With Cheryl the Regional Community Manager for Hellgate: London for IAHGames. To start, would you please introduce yourself and your company to our audience?

Cheryl: I am Cheryl also known as "Angelace" and I am the Regional Community Manager for Hellgate Palladium: London for IAHGames.

IAHGames is the sole South East Asian distributor of Hellgate: London, an upcoming major title developed by US based Flagship Studios ¨C the development team responsible for bringing the worldwide, best-selling Diablo I & II series of games.

Besides Hellgate Palladium: London, IAHGames also carries other game titles like Granado Espada and Emil Chronicle Online (ECO). What led you to introduce Hellgate: London into the South East Asian market? How will you summarize Hellgate Palladium: London? What are the outstanding features of Hellgate?

Cheryl: Hellgate: London is a game with global appeal to gamers from all regions so there was no reason why we shouldn t introduce it to the South East Asian market.

In summary, Hellgate: London is an MMOG which combines the depth of role-playing games and the action of first-person shooter elements but I don t think one line does the game enough justice. J Hellgate London Palladium has so many outstanding features that it s difficult for me to list all of them. In my opinion though, one of the key and best features of HGL is its randomized loot and instance system. Because the loot and instances are randomized, players never know what they are going to get each time they play. It s a new and exciting experience every time!


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